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  • The Ironwear 2955 3-Way SRL Block is an essential piece of the Ironwear 2949 7’ Confined Space Tripod Kit.
  • Equipped with a 60-foot galvanized steel cable, this self-retracting lifeline (used as a backup-system) includes a built-in holding handle designed to simplify the mounting process after its bracket is installed.
  • Once in function, the backup-system activates into winch mode if required. Its fixed crank handle enables a controlled ascent and descent process for personnel, ensuring safe retrieval after a fall. The backup-rescue immediately arrests a fall of up to 1,800 pounds with a 42-inch arresting distance.
  • Additionally, it features a steel, self-locking carabiner and snap hook that both swivel a full 360° - enhancing overall range of movement.
  • 3-way emergency retrieval system
  • Used as backup-system for Ironwear’s 7’ Confined Space Tripod Kit to prevent excessive free fall or uncontrolled movements. (WARNING: the backup-system should not be employed as part of routine operations. It is for rescue purposes only.)
  • Displays red stress indicators that are easily read to signal unit has been used in a fall
  • Equipped with 60-foot galvanized steel cable
  • Built-in carrying handle and crank handle
  • Swiveling, self-locking carabiner + snap hook both made of steel
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Average Arresting Force: 1,350 lb.
  • Max Arresting Force: 1,800 lb.
  • Max Arresting Distance: 42 in.
  • Max Capacity: 130 – 310 lb.
  • Fall Clearance: 5 ft.


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